Evan Afton seems to be quite strategic and intelligent as he smartly and carefully fends of the Nightmare Animatronics. Chris Afton, Michael's youngest brother accidentally died at the hands of Michael as a result of a prank gone bad and subsequently went into a coma. William used cake and a yellow suit to lure the children into the backroom of the Pizzeria and murdered them. Quiz topic: Do I REALLY Know the Aftons? I believe she died after Charlotte but before the Crying Child. Chris Afton, Michaels youngest brother accidentally died at the hands of Michael as a result of a prank gone bad and subsequently went into a coma. However, this is only speculation and has not been confirmed by Scott Cawthon. The crying child was bitten by Freadbear in 1983/1987 (it isn't confirmed), and it is not confirmed if he died or not, or if he posses anyone. Ennard. Mrs.afton death is terrorize to be car crash were her car accidentally jump in the crib. Crying ChildBite VictimYounger BrotherMichael Afton (Theorized)Evan Afton (Theorized)Chris Afton (Fan-Made) Older BrotherWilliam Afton (father) (Theorized)Unnamed MotherElizabeth Afton (Theorized) (sister)Michael Afton (older brother or self) (Theorized) During the run-up to, and initial theorizing after, This theory was mostly deemed as disqualified by certain details such as the date of '83 for the "Fredbear and Friends" advertisement seen on the television in the Night 3 Minigame and the fact the location in the game appears to reference, Two current major theories as to the identity of this character are that the Crying Child/'83 Bite Victim is, The Bite of '83 Victim is thought to be represented in the, Since Fredbear was the animatronic that that crushed his skull, the Crying Child is theorized to possess, Some theorize the Crying Child saw some part of, It's alternatively theorized that he was witness to events surrounding, Some people theorize that the Crying Child's real name is Norman, as the file name for the bedroom in. Unconfirmed Disney Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. "You're broken. Make sure to have fun and follow the rules while doing so, we want the community to be as positive as possible! LMAO it took me time to understand my mistake. And it is also not confirmed if his older brother was Micheal Afton or not, or if the crying child himself was Micheal Afton, or if Micheal Afton is non of them. He's terrorized by the Nightmare Animatronics in his bedroom, but his real story is told in end-of-night minigames. The moment I read "Chris" I already knew it would be bad. Secondly, at the end of Five Nights at Freddy's 4, when the protagonist (presumably) dies, a gravestone with the name "Chris Afton" is shown. In the Five Nights at Freddy's: Survival Logbook it's been theorized that there is edited text, codes, and secret cyphers left by the Crying Child. William Afton led a double life as a serial killer and a business man. Funtime Freddy. Also Glichtrap is an animatronic that lives inside Willams head and can control him to make him kill, thats why he killed the children. The Five Nights at Freddys series of video games is not real. His brother, Micheal, decided to play a prank on Chris on Chris's birthday, so he put Chris inside Fredbear's mouth, but then Fredbear's mouth malfunctioned and Chris's head was crushed/his frontal lobe got cut off. In the end Crying Child became friends with his Nightmares because they figured out that he died and felt bad. This would also explain why they are both in Sister Location and not Crying Child because their death happened around the same time, unlike Crying Child. If there is anything wrong, please correct me! His name has also been theorized to be Evan, according to users Wolfy1740, Game Theorists, and Godzilla on r/fivenightsatfreddy's. This sees to confirm that Chris Afton was a real person, and that he did indeed die in the Bite of 83. Idk tell me what you guys think. The worst thing that could have come from that (other than, you know, DEATH) is Fredbear breaking down and the four Bullies being kicked out of the restaurant with their lives turned upside down, hopefully to help kids and stop other bullies before they take things too far. Copyright 2023 HowDidTheyDied | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme. The machine attacked and killed her. He is the most aggressive and dangerous of the Nightmares.Goldie/Fredbear is a yellow bear with a brown bowtie and hat, he is the scond most aggressive of the Nightmares.Nightmare Chica is a chicken with a purple skirt and eyes that glow red, she is shy but can be very dangerous if provoked.Nightmare Foxy is a fox with glowing green eyes, he is very fast and can be difficult to catch.Nightmare Freddy is a animatronic bear with blue eyes and sharp claws, he moves slowly but can jump out at you unexpectedly.Nightmare Bonnie is a rabbit with pink fur and white eyes, he likes to play tricks on you and can be very unpredictable.Nightmare Puppet is a marionette with a white face and black hair, he is the most timid of the Nightmares but can still be dangerous if youre not careful.Nightmare Golden Freddy is an upgraded version of Nightmare Freddy that appears in later nights, he has golden fur and blue eyes. There should be no reason for this because he did nothing wrong and plus Elizabeth was trying to defend Chris too. He is the victim of the nightmare animatronics. 7. Who murdered kids back then? Ok so first is the Crying Child or by the non cannon name Chris Afton. And then quote on quote accidentally kills him. Funtime Foxy ate her. REAL FOOTAGE OF THE BITE OF 83 (Death of Chris Afton) (GRAPHIC) Cotton 2.38K subscribers Subscribe 328 12K views 2 years ago Hi folks! What Really Happened in this Game? Enemies Willam ended up getting away with the murders but decided to further cover his tracks, the children that he killed came back to haunt him and ended up accidentally/purposely killing him. She had a deep trust in her father and a love for his creations, admiring everything he does. Appearance Willam created a animatronic named Circus Baby, he made her specifically for Elizabeth but wouldnt let her get close to the animatronic. Crying Child How Did Larry Die in Sally Face? Comprised of infamous serial killer William Afton and his three children (with the family's matriarch being entirely absent from the series as of current knowledge), the Aftons are a highly . Crying child family members were: William Afton, Elizabeth Afton, (I am just going to clarify that I will not say that Micheal Afton is Foxy bro or Crying child since it is not confirmed) Micheal Afton and Foxy bro. Chris is a small boy with brown hair in a black striped T-shirt and his face is always stained with tears. This time it is footage of the bite of 83. The actual file labelled as NormanBedroom is simply a stock table model, placed out of bounds in the Night Terrors minigame. At the TV, The Older Brother, wearing a Foxy mask, scares him. Have fun making theories! After getting tired of her father telling her to stay away from C.B, she disobeyed her father and got to close. What Really Happened To This Rapper? He was tormented by his older brother Foxy bro and his friends(The chica mask bully, the bonnie mask bully and the Freddy mask bully) . Another possibility is that Terrence changed his name in order to start fresh and leave his dark past behind him. (Not the thumbnail) His tears activated the springlocks and his head was crushed. | Part 2 | The Afton FamilyPart 1 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7lzStfO-Xc&t=91sHi everyone, This video is . He was the Founder of Afton Robotics and the developer of the animatronics Circus Baby that was designed to capture and kill children. 3. Additional Information C.C. 1983, if you turn on the TV in the Living room, it will say the date "1983" along showing Fredbear and his friends. Shorts Privacy Policy. Michael Afton. This is where he finally saw his sister Elizabeth again. He is the younger brother of Michael Afton and son of William Afton. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Imo, it makes more sense if he possesses Fredbear since he died from it. They'd do that, if they didn't face the wrath of the Aftons, that is. They are the friends-turned-enemies of the Emily Family. The child is comforted by his Fredbear plush, and when he gets out, his brother scares him with a Foxy mask. Chris Afton is afraid of the animatronics, the family pizzeria, and Eddie. He also died from getting his frontal lobe bitten of by Fredbear after the Older Brother (presumably Michael) big brain decided it would be fun. This is due to the fact that his name has not been officially confirmed by Scott Cawthon, the creator of the Five Nights at Freddys franchise. I'm just speculating at this point. Your email address will not be published. Chris is likely afraid of the animatronics because they are known to wander around at night and can potentially harm guests. He died on his birthday, some call him the crying child because he was crying when he died and he is from that point forward constantly crying. Im not sure of this death theory but in the video of Michaels death you can see Ennard standing there through the window behind the scooper. The crying child was bitten by Freadbear in 1983/1987(it isn't confirmed), and it is not confirmed if he died or not, or if he posses anyone. Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Next is Elizabeth Afton who died shortly after Chris. Black Correct me if Im wrong about all of this. Hurry the other way and find someone who will help! You're about to get your result. Next is Elizabeth Afton who died shortly after Chris. In the end, Chris Farley died of a drug overdose in a Chicago high-rise on December 18, 1997 at the age of just 33. Sensitive and timid with an intense fear of animatronics, he was an easy target for his asshole older brother and spoke exclusively in emojis. Species Buried in Kent City, Michigan, USA. After banging on the door he collapses down into tears, as the Fredbear plush states "Tomorrow is another day. Family ", The Fredbear plush urges him to leave this time. ago Maybe that's when the place was opened tho? Hair Style Additionally, Golden Freddy is also possessed by Brooks, who uses him to communicate with the other children and manipulate them. Friends They are a dysfunctional family known to cause suffering to other people and among themselves, in the form of murder, neglect and abuse. For example, in Night 5 of Five Nights at Freddys 4, Michael Afton can be seen in the Freddy Fazbear Head costume, and in Night 6, he is seen wearing the Spring Bonnie Suit. The bedroom model is based on Norman's bedroom in this series. After her son Chris Afton died, Clara started to blame herself for leaving him alone at Freddys pizzeria, she was driving to get to the pizzeria but took a wrong turn got distracted and drove off a cliff. He possesses the animatronic named SpringTrap. Five Nights at Freddys is a franchise of survival horror video games. This quiz will test your knowledge on the Afton family. So if you see anyone saying that is un-canon, please remember that there was a post before this one, I just changed it! Have a look around and see what we're about. One possibility is that he did so in order to avoid being recognized as the murderer of his younger sibling, Micheal Afton. They do really nice art and their work is seen as the first picture in the quiz. William was born in Denton, TX and currently resides in Austin. Anyways, the main thing I'd like to talk about is that it was 83, not 87. 1978? By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. This is my fourth quiz, and I tried to make it as formal as possible, but idk if its good. This incident occurred on October 17th 1983, making today its 37th anniversary. Skin/Fur Color Their father William Afton was the first to die, followed by his children. She was trying to help him by giving him tips like to go slowly through the Ballora Gallery to keep her from hearing him. Terrence Afton is the older brother of Chris, the younger brother of Vincent the 3rd and Michael and the deuteragonist of the 1997 animated Disney film, Five Nights at Freddys 4. Afton family Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. YourFriendTheCorn 1 yr. ago Bungee Jumping: Death-defying and Death-Concerning. She disobeyed her father and went to the Circus Baby, a machine that had been created by the father. 5-10 Like you put him in the mouth and left him there. He was murdered. Some think he is one of the souls inside Golden Freddy or Shadow Freddy, "You're broken. Overall, he is a very witty and laid-back person, wanting to live a . Birth. Not at her brothers birthday party, not in the house, and not at crying child's death bed. Name their deaths in order. Christina Margaret Charlotte "Lottie". Negative Reference Angles Do They Exist? Evan most likely did see a kid getting stuffed into a spring lock suit. Elizabeth apologized to Michael for letting Ennard kill him and he forgives her. Next and the last death is Michael Afton, probably the 2nd to wort one. Elizabeth Afton, also known as Circus Baby, is the secondary antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Alignment But of course Chris results in his death and Micheal and his friends said "yes i we think its okay to but a small childs head into a moving animatronic's mouth." It may refer to a stock model for Unreal Engine that can be found online. Which Transformer from Transformers Prime do you represent? The Crying Child watching Fredbear and Friends. Brown William Armstrong is a senior editor with H-O-M-E.org, where he writes on a wide variety of topics. He was the only witness to the murder of Charlie Emily at the hands of . Claw from Circus Baby. FNaF4 Getty Images Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live in 1991. Firstly, when Michael confronts his father about what happened to his brother, his father refers to him as Chris rather than the Crying Child. She now possesses Circus Baby. Physical Appearance Chris is a small boy with brown hair in a black striped T-shirt and his face is always stained with tears. Cookie Notice He was bullied by his older brother for being afraid of the animatronics. Fredbear PlushMinor Characters (Pigtail Girl, Kid with Plushtrap)The PlushiesCassidy (theorized) The identity of the Crying Child has not been confirmed and details remain vague. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. ", He had been locked in a spare parts room of the establishment. How Did Jayo Sama Die? His death was possibly the worst because it was so slow and painful. 18 Feb 1935 (aged 57) Deceased But he bullied, traumatized, caused nightmares, and killed his little brother. Get Your Answer Here. Status Each one has its own unique personality and quirks. Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, Five Nights at Freddy's Character Encyclopedia, Five Nights at Freddy's: Survival Logbook, https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/norman-bedroom. Like the first minigame, it will say "Tomorrow is another day. He is the victim of the nightmare animatronics. She enjoyed taking things apart and learning how to put them back together. I will put you back together, rest" -Fredbear Plush. Gender Which worked so he started to trust her. You know what will happen if he catches you!" I mean its a good theory but Willam probably didnt think that Crying Child would be the one to die from it, he probably thought it would be somebody else. To add on, there is a Game Theory (I think) where the spring animatronics were meant to kill just like the Funtime animatronics and whatnot, so it makes more sense if Chris possessed Fredbear, or just didn't possess anything at all. Each minigame depict events during the days leading up to his birthday. His tears activated the springlocks and his head was crushed. The crying child nightmares were: Nightmare,Nightmare Freadbear, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Balloon boy(there is a possibility that there are more that I forgot, and by the way, Nightmare Puppet and Nightmare Mangle were only added as a Halloween special). Shirt design In them, we see the child locked in his room by his bullying big brother. He is voiced by Erik Von Detten. Born on 22 Jun 1906. Sleeveless (Minigame)With Sleeves (Encyclopedia) Press J to jump to the feed. First Appearance The one that you were talking about with Mrs. Afton becoming the puppet was an animation for "It's been so long" (it was either sung or remixed by The Living Tombstone, I can't remember). He was presumed to die from his injuries and chris afton forgave Terrence. As the child cries, he yells "Please let me out." Trivia This cold be simply because Michael knew his brother as Chris, and not as the Crying Child. 1. danganffan11037 2 yr. ago. Chris Afton is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and the victim of the Bite of '83. Chris forgave Michael tho he can never forgive himself. Long brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes, black shirt with grey stripes, blue shorts, Bonnie mask, Chica mask, Freddy mask, Cassidy, Is last seen recovering from his injuries. Required fields are marked *. There is no definitive answer to this question.

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