Dribble Drive Offense Action, Set Plays, and Inbounds Play Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe is one of the longest-tenured head coaches in all of NCAA Division I men's basketball. 3. Good defenses will not be beaten by the first drive of a possession, so it is important that players know how to use Dribble Stops as a means to keep the pressure on the defense. What is included in the promo that was offered on Tuesday 7/6. 4. A good reflective practice for coaches is to take a look at your game film and ask yourself what skills are critical to improving your teams performance. We want to drive the gap to score or draw the defense to kick. Tendency to Over Dribble - Since the dribble drive motion offense relies on dribble penetration, it's possible that some players will elect to dribble immediately when there are better options like passing to a teammate. Lack of Offensive Guidelines - The dribble drive offense can be difficult for players who are used to being told exactly what to do and exactly when to do it (set plays do this). Check out his otherDr. We want to keep the defense moving so that holes open up and the defense is forced into closeouts. Follow me on Twitter - @CoachHackGO The post player with a mismatch (5 in this scenario) will cut across to the ball-side and battle for front position on the low block. These breakdowns are three-man groups including 1-2-4 breakdown, 1-4-5 breakdown, and 2-3-4 breakdown. Upon receiving the first pass, 4 must look to immediately attack the rim on the back of the point guard's cut which will catch the defense rotating. We're going to avoid all the fancy terminology and keep things as simple and effective as possible. See More, As part of #PlayerDevelopmentWeek I am putting together a series of Drill Progressions that we use in order to develop skills to fit our Dribble Drive Motion Offense. (1) $19.99. 1 dribble penetrates looking to score (following the rules) 3 spots up and creates passing angle back (following the rule) 1 kick to 3 Rule: If you can't dribble penetrate take ball to middle for spacing 1 clears to the side (following the rule) 3 dribble to middle (following the rule) Rule: If ball stalls on top, weakside forward posts to the top. For the details and rules of the offense, see "Dribble-Drive Motion Offense". Connect to Chili Piper and allow users to trigger scheduling modals. It's versatile, positionless, and doesn't require a great post player. Dish team! Again, these are skill building drillsfor our Dribble Drive Motion offense, but of course they can be adapted to fit any style of play as they are fairly universal basketball actions. On a baseline drive, 5 must immediately step to the middle of the key to create a good passing angle if their defender chooses to provide help. We encourage questions like "what was your thought process on that decision" & "what did you see that triggered that decision" Dallas Mavericks big man Christian Wood spoke to DallasBasketball.com in an exclusive interview to discuss a wide range of topics as we analyze his production this season. All at the same time, the 2 goes through to the opposite side off a screen from the 4, and the point guard replaces the 2 on the wing. - Basketball -- Championship Productions, Inc. conspiracy that consists of two parties this rule is called wharton s rule or the concert of action rule uslegal 2011 however a statute can expressly criminalize a conspiracy to commit any crime abrogating the rule web jul 22 2018 . Here are three drills that incorporate those skills along with the player movement required to effectively run our offensive system. Like (the Brooklyn game), even my first one, I was about to drive the first one. Good Defenses will not be beaten by the first drive of a possession so it is important that players know how to use "Dribble Stops" as a means to keep the pressure on the defense. This can lead to more turnovers than a more 'perimeter passing' offense like the 5-out motion. In these breakdown groups, Walberg takes you through the dribble drive actions that can occur and the movements . Post Player Stays Weakside: 5 must always pay attention to which side of the . This article adds examples of actions and ideas on how to run the offense. Coach Walberg uses the term "key or 3" meaning either a layup, or a 3-point shot. 7/21 Phil Gephart - Off-Season Strength and Conditioning, 7/28 Rory Hamilton - Attacking Switching Man 2 Man Defense, For Daily and Weekly X and Os Follow me on Social Media, This site requires JavaScript to run correctly. See More, Here are some basic drills we have found extremely valuable during the "implementing Dribble Drive" phase, which we also use on a daily/weekly basis. Combining Dribble Drive Concepts with the Princeton Offense for an Up-Tempo, Explosive Attack! Attack the Triple Gap. If the player isnt open, they will sprint to set a backscreen on the trailer to dive to the rim. x[s# T;c-t4\^s^lI%{%H NYo35,m>T>frv=94^,fe/'|Bu=l:km2/f_*g]2jM>fM2}y2_|X0LuZiiVLjT=~*5}"BTe 5@W_CNku@G+Y>=}46@{(c/ck-mv? Specialties: Authentic Northern Italian fare, also specializing in seafood and steaks. Well versed with Github, Kaggle, Klout, Behance, Dribble, etc. Want more from Tony Miller? Views: 15562. KG's Kids was launched in March of 2020 by Granson and his family, with the mission to emphasize education, starting with reading, to create opportunities for all students to be successful in school. When Vance Walberg created the Dribble Drive Offense more than twenty years ago, his goal was to develop an offense that fit the personnel he was coaching at the time. Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offense Coordinates. The 1v1 and 2v2 Russian Drills are good once we have moved beyond the Phase A portion of finishing. He didn't have many tall post players, but he did have a lot of quick guards who could get to the rim. This is great for using the defenses help position against them by having them literally run into a screen where they are taught to stand defensively. The 5 performs a dribble handoff to the 3 and then turns the corner to attack or kick out to the point guard. The dribble drive motion is an offensive strategy in basketball, developed by former Pepperdine head coach Vance Walberg during his time as a California high school coach and at Fresno City College . Watch this clip from the webinar How to activate users faster with effective onboarding flows, our Head of Marketing, Kirsty Finlayson, shares the first of 6 tactics to improve activation with effective onboarding flows. See More Favorite Send to FastDraw Unless they have a clear advantage and the coach wants an isolation. /Filter /FlateDecode Post Space - If you do choose to take advantage of a mismatch inside, there is a lot of space inside the key with the other four players spread out around the three-point line. The Ultimate Guide To Dribble Drive Offense is a 11-part video series breaking down: Various actions to vary the offensive flow, Transition and quick hitters to use with the system, A detailed install guide complete with practice drills and video. I believe that it is important for players to see that what they are doing on the practice floor is directly impacting their performance in games. Here is a simple drill that combines Dribble Attacks and Finishing at the Rim. As the trailer empties out to the corner, five will screen the ball and roll to the rim. 3 slides to the corner while 1 and 4 must move to create a passing angle if the player with the basketball decides to pass out towards the top of the key. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(735726, 'd7af52fb-d27c-4f62-97ea-9d1b0460fd30', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(735726, 'e13c36ef-f9fc-4957-b183-86d60565c809', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); by Tony Miller, on Apr 21, 2022 3:30:00 PM. In a crossover, the ball handler changes the ball from one hand to the other using a single dribble. The basic concepts are spacing, creating gaps, attacking with the dribble-drive, and "inside-out" passing for open 3-point shots (drive and kick). If neither of these options are open, 1 looks to pass out to the perimeter to 2 or 3 as they slide up from the corner. a) Loop-Kick A kick means throw it right back where it came from. The dribble drive motion offense setup also provides great spacing to take advantage of several isolation opportunities both inside and outside. - Is from KG that opens a super gap for your 3 to attack. Seung-Hui Cho, an undergraduate student at the university and a U.S. resident who was from South Korea, killed 32 people and wounded 17 others with two semi-automatic . Spacing is Difficult - With all the dribble penetration, players can find it difficult to read their teammates and keep even spacing around the perimeter. However, if done properly we should be able to drive baseline where our four will set a backscreen for our shooter to catch in the corner. These are quick and simple dribble attacks that we emphasize in both the half court and transition settings. (These are also the same rotations that occur if players attack from the wing in transition or receive the ball on the wing off dribble penetration.). Using 5v5 and 5v0 situations, Coach Kampe demonstrates his Slice Series designed to get their best shooters/scorers an open shot anywhere on the court.For more information on additional Basketball videos, go to: http://www.championshipproductions.com/cgi-bin/champ/basketball-dvds-videos.html?mv_source=youtube If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Altavista's Nekhi Robinson unleashes a 3-point shot from the corner during a Class 1 state quarterfinal game against Middlesex at Heritage High School on Friday. Nor does it simply try to incorporate a few of these. The 4 out 1 in motion offense is a basketball offensive strategy that creates scoring opportunities via a variety of sequences such as basketball cuts, basketball screens, and dribble drive action. We would like our players to make a quick aggressive move and attack that defender to the rim. 2007 subaru liberty 2.5i my07 4d sedan 2.5l inline 4 4 sp auto elec sportshift. This drill is one that could be easily tweaked and catered to fit your offense's most common shots as well. These are both great shots that lead to a high points per possession average. /Length 5 0 R As the trailer rolls to the rim and our corner player lifts behind looking for a shot, our post will sprint out towards the wing to recieve the pass. See More, As part of #PlayerDevelopmentWeek I am putting together a series of drill progressions that we use in order to develop skills to fit our Dribble Drive Motion Offense. . Use code at checkout: MARCHMADNESS Celtics vs. Knicks. In this first installment we are looking at developing "Dribble Attacks." In this third installment we are looking at the use of "Dribble Stops". Apart from the post player and driver, players should always stay behind the three-point line. All at the same time, the 2 goes through to the opposite side off a screen from the 4, and the point guard replaces the 2 on the wing. Download Free Dribble Drive Offense A Complete . 3. Read more on the FMS Blog: We will quickly go over several of the 76ers set plays as well as sets that ive used myself to amplify our dribble drive attack.

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